The Graduate School of Education (GSE) provides both Master programme and PhD programmes. The relevant research fields include:

Master Program: Higher Education
01 Higher Education Management
02 Higher Education and Engineering Education
03 Theory of Higher Education
04 World-class University Research
05 Graduate Education
06 History of Higher Education

PhD Program: Management Science and Policy
01 Scientometrics and Technology Policy (Supervisor: Prof. Liming Liang)
02 World-class University, Science and Technology Policy (Supervisor: Prof. Niancai Liu)
03 Graduation Education, Engineering Education (Supervisor: Prof. Shaoxue Liu)
04 Innovating Engineering Education System (Supervisor: Prof. Guang Meng)
05 Physical Education Management (Supervisor: Prof. Qilin Sun)
06 Graduation Education (Supervisor: Prof. Zhanjun Wang)
07 Higher Education Management and Planning (Supervisor: Prof. Wenhua Zhao)

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